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Biology, organic phenomena and Technologies (BNT)

Process-associated capabilities reset 2.1 Developing Knowledge 2.1 getting information phenomena describe and observe subjective perceptions illustrate and unbiased dimensions differ easy Data progressively more observations of assertions recognize organic phenomena and practical concerns inquiries create, set up presumptions and experimentally authenticate experiments under the guidance evaluate, implement and plan a real model crucial use design attributes of microorganisms requirement referenced describe and compare straightforward willpower aids effectively implement straightforward strategies to resolving a research or technical dilemma develop 2.2 connection 2.2 conversation while using scientific and technical be employed in a group assume responsibility for perform procedures, interact persevering whilst objectives and jobs discuss essential her strategy their s observations along with the outcomes of their work information for illustrating results and data proper charts and tables to make relationships among every day occasions and technical and scientific difficulties to determine info right sign up introducing appropriate data of reality or each day messages and graphical representations in a ideal specialized terminology organized play significantly in between daily dialect and techie vocabulary explanation discern easy drawings and sketches create and read 2.3 evaluation 2.3 examination medical knowledge for fixing each day problems seems sensible to utilize the boasts of wildlife to their own habitat with all the housing disorders as a property or farm pets or animals compare picked examples and critically analyze classes of action to get an ecologically identify and organic everyday life endurable and execution boundaries acknowledge controlled – It and techie knowledge to gauge risks and safety guidelines to use research paper writing service economically and ecologically responsible way with materials and energy circumvent their activities and also the effects as outlined by predefined standards evaluate and reflect 2.4 Preparation 2.4 Planning of uncomplicated preparing papers carry out tools and easy machines safely and professionally utilizing straightforward technical products closing program uncomplicated technological components and managing issues in the creation of merchandise defeat helping viewpoints – – GNI (facts) – importance and risks of lasting improvement (information) – dynamics and complexity of ecological growth (facts) – figures?? And standards in making decisions (information) – criteria for sustainability-helpful and-inhibiting measures (facts) -participation and involvement, engagement (particulars) – democracy ability (information) – Friedensstrateg ien (specifics) – education and learning for endurance and acknowledgement of diverseness (information) – social and Personal diverseness (particulars) – Price-based management (facts) – tolerance, inclusion and solidarity non-discrimination (specifics) – self-finding and acceptance of other daily life types (specifics) – types ofstereotypes and prejudice, cliches (specifics) – conflict solution and reconciliation of passions ( aspects) – coverage of minorities (facts) – intercultural varieties and interreligious conversation (information) – prevention and health campaign (particulars) – sensation and perception (details) – self-regulation and learning (details) – exercise and relaxation (details) – hygiene and body (aspects) – diet plan (facts) – addiction and dependency (particulars) – bullying and violence (aspects) – accident and safety prevention (particulars) – BO (particulars) – Issue-specific and steps-driven s usage of operate and expert life (Aspects) – info on occupations, study, education and career routes (aspects) – assessment and verification own personal capabilities and possibilities (Facts) – Gender elements when choosing a family, career and life setting up (facts) – knowledge examination, capabilities evaluating and choice instruction (particulars) – design and planning of your transition to studies, training and career (details) – mass media Schooling (aspects) – press firm (facts) – mass media examination (particulars) – knowledge and information (particulars) – cooperation and communication (particulars) – production and presentation (facts) – coverage of Kids (facts) – Informational personal-persistence Notice (facts) – i. T basic principles (specifics) – client Instruction (aspects) – use their very own tools (particulars) – opportunities and risks of lifestyle (Deta ils) – requires and wishes (aspects) – Investments and Finance (information) – Client Legal rights (facts) – high quality of customer products and solutions (Specifics) – each day consumption (specifics) – media channels as impacting on things (specifics) – consumer Schooling (specifics)

3.1.8 Plants and flowers 3.1.1 thinking and working methods of natural engineering and sciences split products 3.1.2 – guarding the planet 3.1.3 Drinking water – an important material 3.1.4 electricity proficiently 3.1.5 vertebrates 3.1.6 Growth and development of Guy 3.1. 7 invertebrates 3.1.8 vegetation 3.1.9 Ecosystem 3.1.10 Merchandise developed 3.1.11 invent a going target.

3.1.8 plants and flowers.

Students identify flowers as life organisms with regards to their typical internal organs. They recognise the plethora of check out here forms and diversity. It is possible to structural and functional differences and similarities define a variety of plants and plant family members. They explain and describe the creation and other forms of reproduction.

The students can.

The average areas of a flowering plant called and describe their functionality.

The normal internal organs of an blooming plant describe and called their work.

The usual areas of your blooming plant describe and called their function.

Germination experiments implement, plan and evaluate.

Germination experiments implement, evaluate and plan.

Germination tests evaluate, plan and implement.

(Z. B. Put impression) setting up plants take a look at

(Z. B. Get photo) creating flowers investigate

(Z. B. Put photo) developing blossoms take a look at

As a result of blossoms creating staff of two place family members of their dwelling surroundings decide (z. B. Make Herbarium)

Decided based on the floral development associates of several place households off their residing natural environment and secures an (z. B. Develop Herbarium)

Decided judging by the plant engineering staff of 4 place family members of their life atmosphere and determines an (z. B. Generate Herbarium)

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